Dmitry Neshchadim
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In my office you can talk about everything that you want and what is most important to you. In the process of our communication, I act in your best interests and observe the rule of confidentiality. I work with people who want to understand themselves and understand what is happening to them. My focus is on strengthening mental health, building healthy relationships, increasing emotional stability and meaningfulness in life.

Sometimes it happens that something bothers you, but it's difficult to say exactly what. A confidential conversation can help you understand what this concern is and what is hidden behind it. I help to cope with stress in relations with friends, at home and with difficulties at work. I help with bouts of anxiety and fear, in cases of prolonged bad mood, loneliness, despair and loss of the meaning of life. Currently, I am closely examining the influence of the father's figure on self-esteem and relationships in both children and adults.

I work both individually and with families. Reception is carried out both internally and online from anywhere in the world. If you are ready to meet, then you can call or leave a request below.
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