Dmitry Neshchadim

Psychoanalytically-Oriented Psychologist
Hello, my name is Dmitry Neshchadim. I am a psychoanalytically-oriented psychologist. Member of the European Confederation of Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy (ECPP). I have been working in this field for eight years and have been in private practice for over a year. I conduct both in-person consultations and online.
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About Myself
For the first time, I faced psychology more than ten years ago. Honestly, I did not trust psychologists, considering them charlatans. I had difficulty in communicating with people and mutual understanding. My way of self-discovery was thorny and difficult. I attended individual meetings with a specialist, as well as psychological groups. I noted a qualitative change in myself and realized that psychology works. All the changes in my life made me happy and at the same time very puzzled: "How does psychology work?" Afterward, I decided to become a psychologist.

In my work, I comprehensively approach the solution of any problem and difficulty, which confirms my extensive education. The first higher education of a cytologist-genetics helped me understand the biological side of the work of the nervous system and the brain. The education of a psychologist expanded my ideas about the work of the psyche and human behavior. Further training in clinical psychology has helped me better understand the features of the psyche both in normal and in pathology. I still continue to improve my skills through various training programs, trainings and supervision. I still continue to improve my skills through various training programs, trainings and supervision. In the course of almost nine years of practice, I managed to get results in the field of resolving issues of parent-child relationships, love affection, living grief and psychological trauma, overcoming bad mood, panic attacks, anxiety and more.
Novosibirsk State University (NSU)
In the cradle of my alma mater, I learned to be a natural scientist. I graduated the University as a specialist in cytology and genetics.
Research Institute of Experimental and Clinical Medicine (FSBI NIIEKM)
The next stage of my scientific journey was a three-year postgraduate course at my first job as a cell biologist. Early defended the thesis for the degree of master of sciences in the field of cell biology and pathological physiology.
Novosibirsk Institute of Economics, Psychology, and Law (NIEPP)
In parallel with working as a cell biologist, I studied for three years at the psychology department of the classical evening institute. As a result, he defended a bachelor of psychology diploma on the subject of emotional attachments of schizophrenic patients.
St. Petersburg Research Psychoneurological Institute n.a. V.M. Bekhterev (FGBU SPb NBRI n.a. VM Bekhterev)
I also passed an additional three-year program for professional retraining in medical (clinical) psychology at one of the country's best training centers in this area.
Training Programs in various psychotherapeutic approaches
In addition to the basic higher educational programs, during eight years I completed training courses in the following psychotherapeutic areas: counseling with Gestalt approach (stages 1 and 2), group psychological counseling and a basic course of tanotherapy.

I am currently studying the clinical aspects of Gestalt Therapy (MIGIP), the method of conducting psychodrama (Kivunim-Institute) and actively mastering psychoanalysis (EEIP). Having tried different approaches and directions, I came to the conclusion that psychoanalysis is my method of work. In it, I feel the best and can effectively help other people.
The Reason for Appeal May Be
Loneliness, apathy, and fatigue. Depression, lack of joy of life, frequent mood changes. Anxiety panic conditions up to panic attacks. Obsessive thoughts, ideas or actions. Heavy tolerated situations, such as divorce, dismissal, mourning and more.
Misunderstanding by others. Low or unstable self-esteem. Difficulties in building the relationship (family, friendship and/or love). Difficult parting, cannot let a person go, constant thoughts about him or her. Recurring conflicts, quarrels and the feeling of "walking in a circle" in relations with the other people.
Failure to understand your desires, what you want from life and where to aim at, as well as stagnation in work or the inability to move on. The desire to understand yourself, your motives and actions.
Prices for My Services
Here are the prices for my main types of psychological services.
Initial psychological consultation (50 min)
50 USD
Psychological consultation (50 minutes)
from 50 USD
Psychological online consultation (50 minutes)
from 50 USD
Psychoanalytic сounseling (from 2 times a week for 50 minutes, from 8 visits per month)
from 400 USD
Group psychotherapy (single visit 1.5 hours)
40 USD
Group psychotherapy (monthly subscription, 4 meetings, 1.5 hours a week)
120 USD
from 125 USD
Sign up for a Consultation
+7 (913) 944 07 64
d.neshchadim (Skype)
Location and Type of Consulting Room
My office is located in the residential building near the Oktyabrskaya metro station (the address to be specified when making an appointment).
All grown-ups were once children, but only few of them remember it.
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Customer Feedback
Svetlana, 28 years old
Dmitriy Vladimirovich was my first experience of application to a male psychologist for a consultation. I had many prejudices, but they appeared to be unfounded. During our meetings, I was overwhelmed by strong unpleasant emotions but calm, confidence and kindness that came from Dmitry Vladimirovich, calmed me and gave me the strength to move on, hold on and think. Dmitry Vladimirovich, thank you very much for being with me at that difficult time for me, supported me and remained a safety island for me! Working with you was nice.
Alexey, 32 years old
Dmitry Vladimirovich helped me a lot by increasing my self-esteem and putting everything in its place. He also helped me to let go of the situation that lasted for three years and start to live on. Many thanks to him for the objective opinion in terms of psychology about me and many moments to which I did not pay attention before. Work with acceptance is always very difficult, but he delicately helped me look at the situation at another point, accept and love myself. I thank him for a lot of time spent consulting me and a sincere desire to help.
Ekaterina, 18 years old
I advise those who have a difficult situation in life now to talk with Dmitry Neshchadim. He is a very good specialist. It seems that he entirely appreciated the situation and got a feel of my condition. Asked the right questions and gave the correct answers. Helped to overestimate and take a fresh look at my life.
Pavel, 23 years old
Dmitry is a very qualified and competent psychologist, a very responsive and benevolent person; his psychological support helped me. I could not do without his help, as my condition was critical and acute. Thanks to him, I was able to overcome a sharp emotional pain. I am grateful to him for all the kind and supportive words. I recommend him to everyone in need of understanding and treatment as a responsive, cordial and professional psychologist.
Marina, 34 years old
I met Dmitry in a psychodynamic group. I was scared and completely incomprehensible what to do in the group exercise, how to behave myself, what to say, in spite of the fact that I was simultaneously visiting a personal psychotherapist. I did not have experience with a male psychologist before and, to be honest, I was very uncomfortable, especially since some of my problems were related to relationships with men. Now I can say that I was feared in vain because Dmitry appeared to be very cautious and correct in his work. Even pulling out painful feelings and emotions from me, he supported and helped me, which facilitated the process of the therapy. For me, not only Dmitry's professionalism as a psychologist was very significant and valuable but also an adequate and impartial view of a man that I had nowhere to take at that time. The group helped me move from the theory to action and my great appreciations for that to you, Dmitry, and all the other members of the group. Thank you!
News and Helpful Articles
I often write and publish posts on the psychology of relationships, fathers and children, cover interesting books and films, write about my observations and thoughts, as well as a variety of psychological usefulness.
Diplomas and Certificates
This section contains all the important documents confirming my qualification.
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